Who we are

PinDesign was founded by Rob Richards in 1994. His career in communication design began in New York studying at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. The Art Directors Club of NY awarded him a scholarship and his portfolio was selected for exhibition. Upon graduation, he was employed by Calvin Klein’s in-house advertising department where he worked on the much-publicized “Marky Mark” campaign. Since then, Mr. Richards has worked for some of the most reputable design agencies in the world, such as, Pentagram, Bates World Wide, and Siegel & Gale.

Mr. Richards was among a list of 200 designers that were “Seen & Noted” by Graphic Design:usa magazine.

our skills

  • HTML 5

    HTML is the foundation of all website layouts.  Coming in the next few years is HTML 5 which promises to be the most comprehensive change in its history.  …and we’re on it!

  • Web design

    Web design involves so much more than talent. A good web designer must possess a deep working knowledge of what technologies work best in order to achieve each clients needs.

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design has always been the art of communication. The ability to convey information, be it vast or limited, in a clean understandable way.  Often the terms clean and understandable translate into something beautiful.

  • Typography

    Typography; one of the most misunderstood functions of commercial design. Good typography is an art in itself. Often forgetting to pay homage to some of the greatest type designers of all time.  Such as Claude Garamond and Giambattista Bodoni.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is equally important creatively as it is technically.  The challenge is not only in capturing your audience but making sure the quality of brand is maintained.

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization require several key elements; good copywriting skills, keyword analysis, marketing strategy, web analytics and traditional link building.  We are Google trained in the art of SEO with over 15 years of experience in internet marketing.